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Pittsfield City Council picks up pieces of trash pickup overhaul
PITTSFIELD City councilors agreed to go back to the drawing board Tuesday with regard to the city's solid waste pickup program. Councilors filed a series of petitions aiming to review the
Mar 28 2:27AM BE Local News . . .more "--Local News "

Our Opinion: Sweet-smelling bakery a boost for Morningside
A neighborhood is a living organism with constituent parts its people, its residential streets, its common areas, its schools, its houses of worship and its commercial district. All depend on
Mar 27 9:27PM BE Editorial . . .more "Editorials "

Topics Beyond News
Maggie Lindemann's 'Obsessed' Video Is A Stylish Kiss-Off To A Narcissist
Maggie Lindemann drops her stylish, ex-blasting video for "Obsessed.
Mar 28 12:54AM MTV . . .more "MTV"

How to get cozy and coddled in Whistler
How to get cozy and coddled in Whistler . In Whistler, it doesn't take long to fall into the rhythm of this dreamy destination - a bustling mountain town that moves according to the moods of the mountain and whims of the weather. But there's so much.
Mar 28 12:00AM Best Travel Destinations . . .more "Best Travel Destinations"

David Goldblatt and the Legacy of Apartheid
For more than fifty years, the South African photographer has documented the structures of a divided society. The post David Goldblatt and the Legacy of Apartheid appeared first on Aperture Foundation NY.
Mar 27 5:40PM Photography . . .more "Photography - Aperture"

The Seed Voyage platform creates a new market for urban agriculture
Got vegetables? Want Vegetables? Seed Voyage is a new peer-to-peer service that puts the haves and the have-nots together.
Mar 26 1:15PM Gardening from . . .more "Gardening"

The secret to raising a happy autistic child
Know that your child's autism is part of who they are. It doesn't make them any less valuable.
Mar 24 9:33AM the Guardian . . .more "Health & Medicine"

Aim Low: How to Chase the Next Half-Billion Internet Addicts
Kong Xiaohua, a middle-aged history teacher in a small town near the border with Russia, is among the online world's most sought-after users right now. Going after users like her marks the Chinese internet's race to go low: lower income, lower-tier cities and lower internet-service penetration.
Mar 24 6:00AM WSJ . . .more "Internet News"

5 Things Enterprise Still Needs to Learn from Startups in IoT
The IoT journey is not just about implementing new technology, it's about the corporate transformation the process can potentially unlock. The corporate world seems to have an unending fascination with startup culture.
Mar 24 2:48AM RTInsights . . .more "Lean Enterprise"

WSDG Creates College Control Room
WSDG developed a production/teaching environment within the 1,000 square-foot space for students to learn the art of producing, recording and mixing.Blue Bell, PA (March 23, 2018)WSDG Walters-Storyk Design Group has created a teaching studio/mixing suite for its expanding Sound Recording and Music Technology (SRT) program at Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) just north of Philadelphia.
Mar 23 8:10PM . . .more "Education News"

Podcast: KHN's 'What The Health?' Health Law Fix Misses The Spending Bill Train
Congress passed a bill to fund much of the federal government for the remainder of the fiscal year just hours before its March 23 deadline. But not included in that legislation is a bipartisan bill aimed at stabilizing premiums for individuals who buy their own health insurance.
Mar 23 5:55PM Kaiser Health News . . .more "Health Insurance"

The importance of self-love and how to cultivate it
Cultivating feelings of self-love can sometimes be challenging. "Why is self-love important?" you might ask.
Mar 23 4:10PM Medical News Today . . .more "Mindful Living"

Researchers create the most detailed simulation of the universe ever made
Any comments, suggestions or just looking for a chat about this subject? Don't hesitate and leave a comment on our improved comment section down below the article!By Matt Williams Since time immemorial, philosophers and scholars have sought to determine how existence began. With the birth of modern astronomy, this tradition has continued and given rise to the field known as cosmology.
Mar 23 1:41AM Universal-Sci . . .more "Astronomy"

Review: 'Sherlock Gnomes' and the Search for Better Wordplay
This caper, a sequel to Gnomeo & Juliet, has a limited universe and possibilities imagine if Toy Story had basically one kind of toy.
Mar 23 1:00AM NYTimes - Movies . . .more "NYTimes Movies "

VR Could Bring a New Era of Immersive Learning. But Ethical and Technical Challenges Remain.
Some educators tout the immersive power of VR technology, pointing to examples like an app that simulates what it was like to walk on either side of Germany's Berlin Wall in the 1980s. But what does it mean to teach in an immersive format? What can this technology do that couldn't be done before? And how might it change a professor's approach to teaching, or should it? Last week we sat down with two guestsMaya Georgieva, director of digital learning at The New School in New York City, and Rob Kadel, assistant director of research at Georgia Tech Center for 21st Century Universitiesfor a live video townhall, streamed from the SXSW EDU conference in Austin.
Mar 15 10:24PM EdSurge . . .more "Online Learning"

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