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Gregory L. Sharrow
PITTSFORD Gregory Lew Greg Sharrow, 68, died April 2, 2018, at his second home in Liberty, North Carolina, after a 12-month struggle with multiple myeloma, a form of bone marrow cancer. He is survived by his husband, Robert Hooker, their close friend and caregiver, Brian Moulton, both of Pittsford; daughters Madeline Sharrow, of Northfield, and Olivia Sharrow, of Burlington; []
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Outdoor theater
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VCFA celebrates 10th anniversary
MONTPELIER - Vermont College of Fine Arts celebrates its 10th anniversary in the Capital City this week. The college officially recognized the anniversary Wednesday and will also mark the occasion Friday with a lunch for faculty and staff. The genesis of the college began in 2006 when the Union Institute & University, which then owned the historic Vermont College campus, announced its intention to close the school and []
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National/World News
Confusion swirls on border after Trump reversal on families
McALLEN, Texas (AP) Immigration enforcement on the U.S.-Mexico border was plunged deeper into chaos over President Donald Trump's reversal of a policy separating immigrant children from parents, causing uncertainty for both migrant families and the federal agencies in charge of prosecuting and detaining them.
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Phillies fan injured by flying hot dog launched by Phanatic
PHILADELPHIA (AP) It was a flying frankfurter and not a foul ball that left a baseball fan with a black eye in Philadelphia.
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UK support for the war in Yemen must stop | Letters
It is time for an end to British collusion in what is already the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe, write 13 parliamentarians, trade unionists and others. The news that Saudi-backed government forces have begun an assault on the key Yemeni port of Hodeidah (Report, 19 June) is threatening disaster for the region and for the 8 million people in the war-torn country that are at risk of starvation. Saudi forces have launched this attack with the backing of the coalition, which is supported by the US and Britain.
Jun 21 4:58PM site: Guardian-MiddleEast more : "Middle East"

Bully-boy Erdogan is a threat to Turkey - and the world | Simon Tisdall
The Turkish president is a dictator in all but name. Turkish voters should kick him out. The prospect of a triumphantly re-elected Recep Tayyip Erdogan armed with sweeping new presidential powers is deeply alarming to many Turks, but it is also a scary prospect for the international community.
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Topics Beyond News
You Were Made for This' explores marriage and parenting
You Were Made for This" (Little, Brown), by Michelle Sacks
Jun 18 1:26PM site: AP more : "Media Insider "

Buccellati Teams Up With milie Fouilloux on Capsule Collection
The capsule, including silver pieces enriched with pink sapphires, is currently available at Fouilloux's digital platform Madem Paris.
Jun 21 4:25PM site: WWD-Accesories more : "Fashion Accessories - WWD"

75 fun things to do for every day of summer
75 fun things to do for every day of summer . Don't let the season pass you by. Here are 75 ideas for fun things to do this summer - one for each day.
Jun 21 12:00AM site: Best Travel Destinations more : "Best Travel Destinations"

This master gardener is luring monarchs to Las Vegas
Anne Marie Lardeau's 5-year quest is paying off with the first ever recorded spring sighting of Western monarch butterflies laying eggs in the Nevada city.
Jun 13 6:18PM site: Gardening from more : "Gardening"

At Mexico border, US mayors say humanitarian crisis persists
EL PASO, Texas (AP) Mayors of major U.S. cities who gathered Thursday at a holding facility for immigrant children at Texas' border with Mexico said President Trump has failed to address a humanitarian crisis of his own making with an executive order to halt the separation of minors as families are detained crossing the U.
Jun 21 7:57PM site: AP more : "Humanitarian Crisis "

This Teen With Autism Is Usually Non-Verbal, But His Grad Speech Stole The Show
Sef Scott, a student with Autism, defied expectations in a speech to his graduating class in Plano, Texas.
Jun 20 9:22PM site: Good News more : "Good News "

New layers in research, treatment of sickle cell trait and stroke
Jun 19 7:00AM site: AP more : "Science "

What Role Does Religion Play In American Politics?
Rachel Martin talks to Cokie Roberts, who answers listener questions on how religion has influenced public policy in America.
Jun 21 9:05AM site: NPR-Religion more : "Religion News - NPR "

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