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Being Informed
Honduran migrant caravan crosses Guatemala border, US-bound
OCOTOPEQUE, Honduras (AP) A caravan of hundreds of Honduran migrants crossed the Guatemalan border under a broiling sun Monday hoping to make it to new lives in the United States, far from the poverty and violence of their home nation.
Oct 15 9:55PM AP more : "Humanitarian Crisis "

Workers take dive into deep doo to unclog sewer pumps
CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) Divers spent two days deep inside a South Carolina sewer, pulling out huge balls of oily, black used wet wipes and baby wipes that had clogged intake pumps.
Oct 20 5:47PM AP more : "News Oddities "

Analysis: With 'America First,' where do human rights rank?
WASHINGTON (AP) If it's an "America First" presidency, where does that rank human rights?
Oct 18 4:51AM AP more : "Law & Lawmakers "

Vote counting starts in Afghan elections, marred by violence
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) Vote counting has started in Afghanistan following chaotic parliamentary elections marred by violence, technical glitches and unprecedented delays.
Oct 22 8:13AM AP more : "Asia "

For many Brazilians, election is picking 'lesser of evils
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) A large block of Brazilians is heading toward the presidential runoff ballot Oct. 28 expressing a disdain for backing either of the two candidates: far-right congressman Jair Bolsonaro or Fernando Haddad of the scandal-tainted leftist Workers' Party.
Oct 22 4:01AM AP more : "Latin America "

Enjoying Life
TV Review: A Roseanne Barr-less 'The Conners' is a triumph
NEW YORK (AP) Can there be a "Roseanne" without Roseanne? The answer is yes, indeed. There can even be a pretty good sitcom. And you might not miss her that much.
Oct 17 1:05AM AP more : "AP Entertainment "

Review: 'Wildlife' shows a family in crisis, beautifully
It's fall of 1960 in Montana when we meet the Brinson family in "Wildlife ," a carefully considered and deeply moving adaptation of a Richard Ford novel about a fracturing marriage and the teenage son witnessing it all.
Oct 17 12:03AM AP more : "AP Entertainment "

Review: Josie Silver writes captivating love story
One Day in December" (Broadway Books), by Josie Silver
Oct 15 8:23PM AP more : "Media Insider "

Channeling Zep, Greta Van Fleet keeps '70s-style rock alive
Greta Van Fleet, "Anthem of the Peaceful Army" (Lava/Republic)
Oct 15 8:49PM AP more : "Media Insider "

Review: Kurt Vile's wanderlust clear on 'Bottle It In
Kurt Vile, "Bottle It In" (Matador Records)
Oct 15 8:53PM AP more : "Media Insider "