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Why Trump's immigration crackdown won't stem flow of Central Americans
The majority of migrants from a trio of countries are fleeing grinding poverty or the rampant gang and drug-related violence There are those who migrate to El Norte because of poverty. There are those who migrate to reunite with family members. And there are those who don't migrate.
Jun 22 6:00AM site: Guardian-USPolitics more : "US Politics "

Wilbur Ross Contradicts Trump Administration Rationale For 2020 Census Citizenship Question
The Trump administration's justification for adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census just got a whole lot shakier.
Jun 21 10:44PM site: American Politics more : "US Politics "

Could Herpes Virus Play a Role in Alzheimer's?
Human herpes virus 6 and 7 were found in Alzheimer's-affected brains at levels up to twice as high as in those without Alzheimer's, the scientists reported Thursday.
Jun 21 4:27PM site: WebMD more : "WebMD"

Phillie Phanatic Shoots Baseball Fan In the Eye With Hot Dog
Kathy McVay plans to attend a future Phillies game -- but only if she can sit in the nosebleed section.
Jun 21 11:18PM site: Weird News more : "News Oddities"

We won': attorneys see glimmer of hope for reuniting families
Texas immigration lawyers are cautiously celebrating the end of the separation policy, though who will be reunited is unclear Attorneys representing parents who have been arrested at the southern US border and separated from their children are cautiously celebrating after receiving word that families will no longer be torn apart and the adults prosecuted. Maureen Franco, chief public defender of the western district of Texas, who earlier this week called the practice of forced family separations kidnapping, put a makeshift sign on her office door in El Paso, Texas on Thursday saying: Yay. We won.
Jun 22 6:00AM site: Guardian-Mexico more : "Mexico "

Making A Difference
This master gardener is luring monarchs to Las Vegas
Anne Marie Lardeau's 5-year quest is paying off with the first ever recorded spring sighting of Western monarch butterflies laying eggs in the Nevada city.
Jun 13 6:18PM site: Gardening from more : "Gardening"

Help us reach the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge!
Every little flower helps. Especially when there's a lot of us planting them.
Jun 8 10:37AM site: Gardening from more : "Gardening"

Trump's cruel border policies created a needless crisis. It's far from over | Richard Wolffe
The US president has reversed his position on family separations. But we are not about to see a humane policy replacing an inhumane one Was it the tender age inmates, the rare sight of all the Senate's Republicans growing a spine, or the even rarer sight of intervention from every one of the nation's first ladies? We'll never know the truth behind Donald Trump's humiliating reversal of his own brutal policy of separating thousands of immigrant children from their parents at the border. Continue reading.
Jun 20 9:25PM site: Guardian-Opinion more : "Opinion "

The Tonic to Heal our Ailing Democracy
Its incredible how relevant this article still is on how to strengthen our weakened democracy, despite that some time has passed since it was published. Penned by Will Friedman, Executive Director of Public Agenda an NCDD member org, he states that the tonic to remedy our ailing democracy is not just more democracy, but better quality democracy. As many communities around the country are going through their primaries, it is a vital time to practice this; as we all have roles to play in nursing our democracy []
Jun 21 12:30PM site: more : "Public Policy Debate"

North Korea pledges to destroy missile test engine site
Jun 21 7:58PM site: your-military-flashpoints more : "Military Flashpoints"

Enjoying Life
Best Performances: How Mandy Moore Delivered the Devastation of Jack's Death on This Is Us
. Mandy Moore walked into the second season of This Is Uswith the weight of the show's biggest mystery on her shoulders -- Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) death. That pressure was only compounded when it was revealed that the pinnacle event for NBC's most watched drama would air after the Super Bowl, ..
Jun 22 2:05AM site: TV Industry News more : "TV Industry News"

How did some of cinema's greatest films end up in an Iowa shed?
A heartwarming new documentary tells the story of the history teacher who stumbled upon the Brinton Collection, a unique archive of films from the earliest days of moving pictures Michael Zahs thinks of himself as a saver. I like to save things, he says, especially if it looks like they're too far gone. This retired history teacher from Iowa, now in his 70s, has amassed quite a collection over the years: stray animals, farm implements, even a church steeple.
Jun 22 7:00AM site: Guardian-Film more : "Film "

How to choose the perfect eggplant
What to look for on the outside of an eggplant to ensure the inside is ripe.
Jun 20 4:58PM site: Healthy Eating more : "Food News"

Is this the world's smallest desert?
'The desert has long been an enigma to us locals'
Jun 22 8:01PM site: BBC Travel more : "BBC Travel "

Rising Tide: Collin Sexton to begin pro career in NBA draft
NEW YORK (AP) Collin Sexton isn't asking for much.
Jun 21 12:14AM site: AP more : "Football - AP"

Getting Ahead
Asian stocks mixed as trade disputes worry investors
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) Asian stocks were mixed Friday as investors were still wary over trade disputes between China and the U.S. as well as between the U.
Jun 22 7:32AM site: AP more : "Big Company News "

Chevrolet goes after Jeep Grand Cherokee with new Blazer
DETROIT (AP) Because these days you can't have too many SUVs, General Motors is bringing back the Chevrolet Blazer.
Jun 22 1:26AM site: AP more : "Big Company News "

ABC Officially Picks Up The Conners, a Roseanne Barr-Free Spinoff of Roseanne
Three weeks after ABC abruptly canceled its top-rated series, Roseanne, the network has finally found a replacement show: a spinoff of the sitcom starring everyone but Roseanne Barr, whose racist tweet caused the show to be shelved in the first place. ABC announced today that it is picking up The Conners straight-to-series with a 10-episode..
Jun 22 12:30AM site: Adweek more : "Adweek"

The 1-2 Punch to get more new Customers and more Repeat Purchases.
Your customers are your greatest asset The one thing shared across all great ecommerce companies is a large, loyal customer base. The keys to building that kickass cusotmer base are well known, but easier said than done: Getting new customers Turning each new customer into a high LTV fanatic. Acquiring new customers is top-of-mind and []
Jun 20 8:29PM site: Kissmetrics more : "Kissmetrics"

Driver was streaming The Voice when Uber self-driving car crashed, say police
Rafaela Vasquez looked up half a second before Arizona crash that killed woman, report says The safety driver behind the wheel of a self-driving Uber that hit and killed a pedestrian was streaming the television show The Voice on her phone at the time of the crash, police have said. The collision that killed Elaine Herzberg, 49, who was crossing the road at night in Tempe, Arizona, was entirely avoidable, a police report said, if Rafaela Vasquez had been paying attention. Continue reading.
Jun 22 8:32AM site: Guardian-Technology more : "Business of Tech "

Being My Best
A Guide To Parental Controls For Kids' Tech Use
All the major tech companies offer parental controls Apple is the latest. For parents, making the best of them can be tricky.
Jun 18 10:00AM site: NPR-Digital Culture more : "Digital Culture "

World Cup 2018: How To Watch The Matches Online And On TV
The World Cup begins on June 14 and runs through July 15. So, how do you watch? Our story runs down the options, online and through broadcast.
Jun 13 8:31PM site: NPR-Digital Culture more : "Digital Culture "

Paris Hilton's Living Her Best Life in Bedazzled Pumps at Her Boohoo Collab Launch Party
All eyes were on her.
Jun 22 2:53AM site: WWD-Footwear more : "Foot Fashion - WWD"

Virgil Abloh's Louis Vuitton Debut: Our Favorite Moments
From that hug with Kanye to the zillion cross-body bags, here's what GQ staffers loved from Abloh's first Vuitton show.
Jun 21 8:56PM site: GQ more : "Men's Style - GQ "

World Refugee Day is June 20
It is because we are followers of Jesus, because we follow the way of love, because we follow the way of compassion, because we follow the way of human decency and kindness that we must be passionately committed to helping the refugees and displaced persons of this day" -PB Curry
Jun 19 12:01PM site: Episcopal Caf more : "Episcopal Caf"

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