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Being Informed
Paul Krugman Warns Trump Is Poised To Disregard Democratic House Victory
The president's complaints about "voter fraud" could be used to deny legitimacy of Democratic victory in the midterm election.
Oct 22 6:59AM American Politics more : "US Politics "

Shanghai Composite: surges on hopes of market support
The jump comes after Chinese officials moved to boost investor confidence as growth slows.
Oct 22 8:44AM BBC Business more : "Business "

Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets roasted, serves up her own slams at Mark Twain Prize
Julia Louis-Dreyfus walked away with the Mark Twain Prize and a pretty good roasting by her fellow celebrities at the Kennedy Center Sunday.
Oct 22 7:14AM USAToday - top life more : "Life "

NASA to Host Briefings, Events for ICON Launch to Study Space Weather
NASA will host a series of media briefings leading up to the Friday, Oct. 26, launch of its Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) mission to study the dynamic zone high in the atmosphere where terrestrial weather from below meets space weather above.
Oct 17 1:32PM more : "Breaking News "

Vote counting starts in Afghan elections, marred by violence
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) Vote counting has started in Afghanistan following chaotic parliamentary elections marred by violence, technical glitches and unprecedented delays.
Oct 22 8:13AM AP more : "Asia "

Making A Difference
14 unearthly X-rays highlight the inner workings of zoo animals
Oregon Zoo releases series of creepy animal X-ray images just in time for the spooky season.
Oct 19 4:28PM Mother Nature more : "Mother Nature "

Modern birds might have dinosaur lungs to thank for their existence
Animals . Researchers found the evidence of lungs for the first time in an avian dinosaur fossil. A newly described fossil found in China shows that birds evolved one of these notable features very, very early-while they were still dinosaurs, in fact.
Oct 19 10:12PM PopSci Animals more : "Animals "

Saskatchewan student's research shines light on polycrops
This month, the University of Saskatchewan awarded more than $8 million towards research projects. Large amounts to the tune of $200K, even $375K surely grabbed most peoples attention, but my eyes shifted more towards Jacqueline Toewss research. Toews has been awarded $17,500 in scholarship money to continue her research on the efficacy of grazing cattle on.
Oct 21 12:00PM RealAgriculture more : "Real Agriculture "

Announcing NCDD's October TechTues Feat Konveio, 10/23
We have an extra special treat for our upcoming October Tech Tuesday featuring Konveio. This FREE event will take place Tuesday, October 23rd from 2:00-3:00pm Eastern/11:00am-noon Pacific. Don't miss out - register today to secure your spot! Konveio helps change agents, community-builders and forward-thinkers turn their collaborations into action, not just a PDF! The software is a digital outreach platform that turns bland PDFs into actionable websites to better convey ideas, collect feedback and spark action.
Oct 11 12:00PM more : "Community Change "

US general wounded in Taliban attack that killed 2 Afghan leaders
Oct 21 3:00PM your-military-flashpoints more : "Flashpoints "

Enjoying Life
5 Quick Lightroom Edits To Improve Any Landscape
Have you come across situations like these? Your landscape images look very dull and seem nothing like what you saw on location? The sky could be too bright with no details, the foreground too dark and the image as a whole looks boring with no colour or contrast? Well, if your answer is yes to [] . The post 5 Quick Lightroom Edits To Improve Any Landscape appeared first on Light Stalking.
Oct 21 9:30AM Light Stalking more : "Light Stalking "

Crispy Sheet-Pan Meatballs with Salsa Verde
Meatballs don't have to be an all day project. This is the quickest, most fuss-free and delicious beef meatball recipe there ever was or will be.
Oct 21 8:00AM Bon Appetit more : "Bon Appetit"

Walt Disney World announces 'nature-inspired' resort for 2022
The Florida-based theme park resort said Thursday that the as-yet-unnamed resort will open in 2022.
Oct 19 7:57PM USAToday - top travel more : "Travel "

Princess Eugenie's Wedding Has 1 Thing In Common With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Nuptials
Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank have a royal wedding of their own on Oct. 12.
Oct 9 8:40PM Weddings more : "Weddings "

Stompboxtober Day #21: Valeton
You could win a Valeton Coral Mod!
Oct 21 4:00PM Premier Gutar more : "Premier Guitar "

Getting Ahead
#1665 Pat Flynn interviews me about my process for interviewing founders
This is not an interview where I ask someone else questions. Instead, Pat Flynn, the founder of Smart Passive Income interviewed me for his podcast. I thought the questions he asked me about my interview process were interesting so I asked him if I could publish our conversation.
Oct 19 1:00PM Mixergy more : "Mixergy "

29 Office Costume Ideas for Marketing Nerds & Tech Geeks
. Halloween is a fun holiday, and it doesn't get the attention it deserves. It doesn't have recognizable songs or vacation days associated with it, and it falls on a busy time of year for most people in the workforce.
Oct 22 1:17AM Hubspot more : "Hubspot "

7 Goals to Hit by 45
Turning 45 is not good news. It's feeling a lot worse than 40 for some reason. I guess it's because midlife probably passed by sometime between those two birthdays.
Oct 22 7:10AM Retire by 40 more : "Retire by 40 "

Take Care: How to Ask for Work Benefits When You're an Elder Caregiver
Oct 12 10:00AM The Pennyhoarder more : "The Penny Hoarder "

Asteroid pioneers: The team who put rovers on a space rock
Japan's space agency Hayabusa-2 spacecraft is the first one to place robot rovers on an asteroid's surface.
Oct 22 7:11AM BBC technology more : "Technology "

Being My Best
Q1 Smart Pet Feeder
As home automation gadgets continue to sell, our homes are becoming smarter every day. At the same time, our lives are getting easier. All thanks to smart locks, smart thermostats, home security and more.
Oct 17 8:03PM Reviews-Gadget Review more : "Reviews-Gadget Review "

Kanye West Gives Kim Kardashian Dramatic Flowers for Her 38th Birthday
The rapper also posted a sweet message for his wife on Twitter.
Oct 21 8:43PM WWD-Footwear more : "Foot Fashion "

Three Easy Cannabis-Infused Recipes for Fall
Get baked. Yields 4 servings Ingredients cup fresh marionberries 1 alcohol-based cannabis tincture measuring less than 10 mg THC/CBD per dropper; 1-to-1 ratio for best results - Read the entire article at Wweek.
Oct 22 12:25AM Cannibus Culture more : "Cannibus Culture"

Cathleen Chittenden Bascom elected 10th bishop of the Diocese of Kansas
[Diocese of Kansas] The Rev. Cathleen Chittenden Bascom, from the Diocese of Iowa, was elected Oct.19 as the 10th bishop to lead the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas.
Oct 19 4:36PM Episcopal News Service more : "Episcopal Church "

Australian Prime Minister Apologies To Victims Of Institutional Child Sex Abuse
It is the first national apology on behalf of the federal government since a major report published last year showed the problem was rampant in Australia's Catholic Church and other institutions.
Oct 22 8:11AM NPR-Religion more : "Religion News "